Pigeon Superstition

Based on behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner’s experiments with pigeons after ww2, you are invited into a laboratory. The magician and physical performer David Tholander recreates a series of experiments to visualize the individuals ability to believe that he himself is master of his actions.

How free is the free will really?

Note: The audience must hand in their phones upon arrival. It will be stored securely in a locked dovecote and handed back immediately after the performance.


Fri. 13. Nov 20:00
Sun. 15. Nov 16:00
Thu. 19. Nov 20:00
Fri. 20. Nov 20:00
Sat. 21. Nov 16:00

Dynamo, Odense DK
















































David Tholander / Lisbeth Burian / CS Sørensen


















































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